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to the PFCE

The only

psychiatric FCE

online tool

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Inexpensive and standardised tool

Automated scoring and recommendations

Opportunity to modify scoring based on clinical observations

Automated reports are concise and customisable

FOIL job analysis method allows for consistent clinical reasoning

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On the go

Compatibility with mobile devices means convenience of use in any setting.

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Automated reports

Reports are concise, export into Microsoft Word and are therefore fully customisable and can be personalised.


The Psychiatric Functional Capacity Evaluator (PFCE) is a web-based tool designed to support a standardised approach in the assessment of work-related impairment of psychiatric conditions.

The assessment includes performance-based testing which can be used as a stand-alone measure, or used in conjunction with existing measures.

It can be used in both clinical and vocational settings, bridging the service-delivery gap often seen between these two areas.



Designed to be used in settings where therapists often has tight deadlines in terms of report submission.


Inexpensive assessment tool which can be customised.


FOIL job demand analysis method allows for clear clinical reasoning and decision-making.


Scoring and recommendation are largely automated, but allows for modification based on clinical reasoning.


Reports are concise, export into Microsoft Word and are therefore fully customisable and can be personalised.


Use of mobile devices makes this convenient in any setting.

Training and pricing

The PFCE can only be used after training to ensure ethically sound application of appropriate skills and reliability of use.

The software is therefore not for use by a clinic, practice, partner or employer, unless the tester has received the related training. Training or software is also not transferable to other therapists. If you are interested in training, Please contact us here.

Pricing of the tool is included in the initial training costs with annual subscriptions thereafter.

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